Summer idyll

Was v warm today so took a walk around the country surrounding the OU campus. I rarely get out when I’m here, so even a 40 minute stroll was nice. Crossed a bridge over the brook, it all looked tranquil and like you could be in France somewhere. But with bad food.

Five guys

Daughter and I went into town today and had food at the [url=]Five Guys burger [/url]place. This is the trendy new american import. I instantly felt very old on entering. There is a basic menu of burgers and hot dogs, but then a bewildering array of different toppings. You can even have bacon in your milkshake for chrissakes. I didn’t even order fries because I was so confused. It was a very nice burger though and daughter declared it best hot dog ever. But I feel I need to do some preparation before I go in next time. When I was doing my psychology degree there was this idea that we have [url=]mental scripts[/url] for behaviour which tell us what to do, and the “restaurant script” was a common example. Five Guys caused a failure of my restaurant script.


I decided to shave my beard off today. Two things drove me to it: 1) I saw a picture of Noel Edmunds and felt my beard resembled his too much for comfort 2) I’ve had this cough and caught a reflection of myself coughing in a mirror. I looked like an old tramp.
My daughter was dismayed and has said she won’t give me a kiss until I grow it back.

Chapter drinks

Went to see [url=]A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night[/url] with Simon Horrocks tonight at Chapter. We had a couple of beers before. Film was great – monochrome, quirky, long shots and a definite visual concept.