Daughter and I went into town today to join an anti-austerity march. She is quite interested in politics and this was her first march. It was quite small, and the shoppers looked at us like freaks, but it was good to introduce her to the idea of protest.
Then afterwards we had a liquid nitrogen prepared ice cream and went to the museum. So, quite a varied day.

Hay festival

Popped up to the Hay Festival today with daughter to see [url=]Levison Wood[/url] talk about walking the Nile. We was engaging and fun, and had that whole dashing British explorer thing.
I have been to the village of Hay before but not the festival. It made me realise that it’s ok to arrange one talk, pop up there and come home (it’s about an hour away from us). I had always considered it a major, 2-day exercise before. There were lots of interesting talks, but I found the festival a bit disappointing, I was expecting lots of stalls, but it was mainly food and one bookshop. Still, a nice day out.


Went horseriding up the Brecon Beacons today. The weather stayed fair, and there were a few of us on the ride, so we could pretend we were cattle rustling in Montana, if you squinted hard enough.