Torchwood Tower

Don’t actually watch Torchwood (or Doctor Who), but the Water Tower down Cardiff Bay is known as this because it featured in the series. Looks great on days like today with enough cloud around to make the reflections work. Had pizza.

Somewhere to sit

Took the dogs in the forest at the back of Tongwynlais today, don’t often go there. Came across this plastic chair amongst some brambles. It amazes me that someone dragged it up here, but I also like to think fo them sitting, contemplating life as nature reclaims it.

The Last Prince

I gave a keynote at the ESRC conference for 1st year PhD students today. It was in Cardiff City Hall, where this statue of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd stands. He was the last[url=] [/url][url=]last sovereign prince[/url] and king of Wales before us English took it over completely. I won’t try and make a connection to digital scholarship.


I mentioned a few posts back that I’d created a[url=] non-screen room[/url]. This prompted me to bring my CD collection in from the library. I haven’t listened to these since I had an ipod and went over to iTunes so it’s probably 10 years or more. I hardly ever listen to whole albums now, and it’s been really enjoyable rediscovering these. I must have 300 odd CDs and you forget what a good collection it is. I gave away my vinyl collection because it was sitting in a garage, warping. But the CDs still work fine, I may even start buying them again. Funny the way tech comes in circles.


I was supposed to be on campus today but had a stinker of a cold and sore throat, so rather than infect everyone else, I worked from home. This involved coming into 5 meetings by skype/phone. Being able to do this is useful for those days when you’re not really, really ill, but infectious and a bit rough. It got to 4pm and i realised I hadn’t even unlatched the door yet. Time for Lemsip

Lord Jim

I have a few of these Cuban film posters around my house. During the 70s they didn’t use the standard poster for films in Cuba, but instead created [url=]their own silk screen prints[/url]. They’re real works of art. These are all reproductions, one day I’ll treat myself to an original but they go for £300 plus.

Wand of destiny

I was walking the dogs over the mountain today while daughter was having her riding lesson. I found this new, pink fairy wand style riding crop, so I thought I’d take it with me to drop back at the stables. I then encountered a big group of walkers who i chatted with. They probably wondered ‘why does that middle aged man have an 8 year old girl’s riding whip with him?”

Cardiff Comets

My daughter wanted to go and see the Cardiff Comets tonight, Cardiff’s women’s hockey team. It was free entry, and was supposed to start at 8, but actually an under 18s game was going on first, so it didn’t start until 9.30. The only people supporting were family and friends, it was funny to go to the rink when it was empty. Daughter and her cousin sat in the VIP area to test it out. It was bloody freezing there.

Beach confetti

I left Watergate Bay this morning after taking Pip for a final walk on the beach. All along the beach where the tide line was is a range of multi-coloured small plastic pieces. I don’t remember it always being like this. You often see people on the beach collecting up plastic, and debris, but it tends to be the bigger pieces. I fear these smaller pieces are much more harmful in the food chain.

View from a cliff

Last beach photo as I head home tomorrow. Was lovely sunny day today, so did a short coastal walk with Pip. Think the paper I’ve been writing will be finished tonight. Blogged some thoughts on this coming away malarkey here:[url=][/url]