In motion

I would like to say the reason I blip so many ice hockey pics is because I’m capturing a photogenic subject. In truth it’s because I’ve done nothing else that day apart from go to the game, so it’s the only subject I have.
We beat a very poor Hull team 7-0 tonight, game was over in the first 8 minutes really. It’s nice to get a straightforward win, but it lacks the dramatic tension you get in the really close games.

Away with you Santa

I spent much of the week leading up to Christmas dealing with some practical issues and nothing says Christmas like legal administration. So I approached it with a mild sense of foreboding, but actually we had a nice meal out Christmas day, my daughter loved her presents and the away trip yesterday was the perfect Boxing Day activity.
But I have sympathy with those who view the Christmas period in the same way a sailor thinks of a squally patch ahead. If you can get through it relatively unscathed, that’s a result. So, I’ve enjoyed it, but we can do away with the Christmas stuff now.

Away trip

We went to our first away game today, up at Coventry. It was good fun, you get the hardcore fans at away games. We won 5-4, it was snowing, and I got lost coming home.
Boxing Day is usually such a nothing day, I had the idea of going to this game only at the start of the week, and it was definitely worthwhile. Maybe it’ll be our new Christmas tradition.