I used to keep fish when I was a kid, but recent attempts with my daughter haven’t been successful. I thought I’d give it another try, so bought this Biorb 60L tank today. I set it up in my study and will leave it for a week before adding some fish.

Duvet day

I have picked up a cold, probably as a result of long haul flights. Luckily I was working at home today, so took it easy, and drank LOTS of tea. At one point I couldn’t find Pip, and she was taking it easy on my bed, snuggled into the sofa, like she was the one with a cold.

Goal frenzy

Landed at Heathrow at 5am, drove back, had a quiet day and then to ice hockey this evening. Bali is very nice, but it doesn’t have ice hockey. We played the Edinburgh Capitals, who last year we beat 7-2. It won’t be like that this year, I confidently predicted, they’re much improved. Well, I hadn’t counted on how much we had improved, and we ran out 10-0 victors. The Devils retired the no10 jersey tonight before the game, so it was all quite bizarre. At the end the Devils were trying [i]not[/i] to score to keep at it at 10, as that would make a good story.

Washed out

Last night picked up a bout of food poisoning and spent the night being ill (I felt sorry for whoever was in the adjacent hotel room). Luckily just one of those short term things, and this morning I was fine, but felt completely washed out. The last session of the conference ended at lunch, so I eschewed the tour that was on offer, and relaxed by the pool and had a short walk on the beach.
Homeward bound tomorrow.