Dining out

We’ve eaten out every night on this trip. George Siemens has been an amazing host driving us around everywhere (you can’t get [i]anywhere[/i] in Arlington without a car). Here my daughter, George and Dragan Gasevic enjoy a meal. I think my daughter has particularly enjoyed all the MOOC conversations.

Dallas score

Went to see the Dallas Stars play the St Louis Blues tonight in the NHL. Their arena is slightly more impressive than the Big Blue Tent the Cardiff Devils play in. It ended 3-3 and Dallas lost in overtime. The same happened to the Cowboys last night, we may be a bad luck charm.

How ’bout them Cowboys?

Daughter and I went to see the Dallas Cowboys play Washington Redskins tonight. The Cowboys stadium is enormous, seats nearly 90,000. It is probably the most American thing you can do – cheerleaders, fireworks, national anthem, hotdogs, people shouting ALL THE TIME. Mind you the sport part rather ends up being irrelevant.

Hello America!

Daughter and I flew to Dallas today. I’m working with George Siemens for a few days. We are also taking in a Dallas Stars hockey game and a Dallas Cowboys football game. Expect sports related blips. This was our first sight of land on the 10 hour flight.