The gloves are off

First home game of the ice hockey season today, a ‘friendly’ against the Belfast Giants. It wasn’t very friendly, and this full on scrap broke out. Once players take their gloves off, then the full penalty ensues. I thought this was where the phrase ‘the gloves are off’ had derived from, but the Internet tells me it’s a boxing idiom.


You may think this is my dog, Pip, but it is in fact a stray. Someone brought it round to me thinking it was Pip. There was no collar on him, so I took him to the vets and they scanned for a chip. His owner was away and was being looked after by relatives and he’d escaped from the garden. I returned him to the grateful owners. I think Pip was quite keen for him to stay, whereas Sandy thought ‘not another one’. Anyway, good deed done.

Season tickets

Picked up our Cardiff Devils season tickets today. I’ve not been a season ticket holder for any sport before, will be interesting to see whether I get value from them, and whether it changes the way you attend games. Season starts on Sunday, so expect hockey related blips on a regular basis from then.


I like a fern (except Fearne Cotton, she’s annoying). This is a boston fern I think, I got it the other day. It’s not quite as fractal in it’s foliage as other ferns, which I prefer. Let’s see how it gets on in ‘the smallest room’.

Severn bridge half marathon

I did the first ever Severn bridge half marathon today. The bridge was closed and we started halfway across it. The route was a bit hillier than I had anticipated, and I ended up taking 2:06, my slowest time for a half. I look upon it as training for the Cardiff half, and have also adopted a new “don’t fret the time” philosophy.