I took the dogs for a walk in some woods north of Coniston today. In the middle of this otherwise empty field is this folly. Apparently it was the kennels for the hunt dogs. Because of course, you’d build that like a gothic medieval castle wouldn’t you?

Old Man

I am up in the lake District with my daughter for the week. She spent all night until 4.30 am marshalling at the Lakeland 100, and I came up today. We walked down to the lake tonight to the lakeside cafe, had a meal and a pint of ‘Old Man’. It is named after the Old Man of Coniston mountain by the way and is not a reflection on the person drinking it.

50s (guest blip)

My daughter is in the lakes with her mum, at the [url=]Lakeland 100 [/url]event. She took this photo and wanted me to use it for my photo of the day, so I can’t say no to my daughter can I? Any of you blip purists going to argue?


I went to see Glamorgan play Gloucestershire in a Twenty20 game tonight. It was very sunny, and Glamorgan won easily. Can’t say it really grabbed me though. I was surrounded by big groups of lads who weren’t really watching the game, just boozing and trying to chat up girls. It felt like being in a nightclub more than at a sporting event.


Pip and I went to the pub last night (she made me!). Here she is licking her lips at the sight of the water bowl. It made me remember those [url=]Pepsi adverts[/url], which became parodies on t-shirts.

The slaughter of the balsam

I’ve blipped about this before, I know. Himalayan balsam is an invasive species that is rampant near me. There is a path near my house that was almost completely taken over by it. I cleared a patch, and then I noticed someone else had done a stretch. I cleared some more, and then another patch went. Between me and this mystery person we’ve nearly cleared it all, so it wouldn’t take much if everyone just pulled up a bit as they walked past. [url=]Ken Thompson [/url]makes the argument you can’t really win against invasive species and it’s difficult to say what one is anyway, but it seems worth the small effort.