Food train

Lunch in Yo Sushi! (do not forget the exclamation mark) with daughter today. I have offered to take her to a ‘proper’ japanese restaurant but it lacks the primary appeal of Yo Sushi, namely conveyer belts.


Went into Cardiff Library early to get some books for my history MA. This is the sculpture [url=]Alliance[/url], seen from the 4th floor. Apparently it rises with the tide, I hadn’t realised that.

A loud space

Today was a sad day – after 19 years together my wife & I separated. This room had some furniture removed, and suddenly felt very empty. Being a husband has been a core part of my identity for a long time so it leads to some very existential query “who am I?”, “what do I like?”, etc.
In other news I was awarded the [url=]ICDE Chair in OER [/url]today, but it kinda didn’t seem to matter so much.

State of the nation

Today was European polling day. I voted and looking at the ballot sheet, I was amazed at how many right wing parties were on there. Have they always been there and I just didn’t pay attention, or have they increased? One might imagine it in essex (say) but in Wales? There’s the Britain First party, The British National Party, the No2EU and UKIP.