Farewell to the master

A belated farewell blip to [url=http://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/apr/17/gabriel-garcia-marquez-obituary]Gabriel Garcia Marquez who died[/url] on the 17th April. Apparently they held 3 days of mourning for him in Colombia. You can’t imagine any living British writer having that impact. I recommended Love in the Time of Cholera to someone shortly afterwards and they didn’t finish it and found it dull and repetitive. I read it as a romantic young man, I wonder if I would enjoy it now?

Lego bridge

I popped up to Newcastle for the OER14 conference today. I gave a presentation with Rob Farrow about the OER Research hub. It was good to meet up with lots of folks including David Kernohan, Alan Levine, Jonathan Worth, Lyndsay Jordan, Allison Littlejohn, etc. In the evening we had lego pieces on our table and had to construct something to represent OER, so we made a bridge connecting to the next table. It’s a metaphor I guess. Pass the wine.

Old Tiger Bay station

I did a 20 mile run today (the last long one before marathon, was very slow). I passed the old station building down Cardiff docks, in the [url=http://www.urban75.org/blog/cardiff-bay-railway-station-in-old-tiger-bay-quietly-rots-away/]Tiger bay area, which is now rotting away.[/url]

Hewlett OER 2014

I am the lead on the Hewlett funded[url=http://oerresearchhub.org/] OER Research Hub[/url], and Hewlett hold a grantees meeting every year. This year it is in Sausalito, California. It is being held at [url=http://www.cavallopoint.com/]Cavallo point[/url] which sits at the foot of the Golden Gate bridge. It really is an amazing spot, with trails all around. Unfortunately I have to do some of that work stuff and not running/hiking all day. This is the view from my room. Expect more Golden Gate blips to follow.