Leaving do

My long time OU colleague Chris Pegler retired today. Chris and I both joined IET in 2002 (having both come from elsewhere in the OU). We worked on the innovative Masters course H806 which was the first, and last, course in the ill-fated UK eUniversity.

Overnight stone circle

On Sunday I blipped the stone circle in Bute park that actually only dated back to 1978. Today I waled the dogs up the forest and found this stone circle which dated to… today! They are filming up there today, there were catering vans, cameras on cranes, women on motorbikes. I didn’t see any filming, but the sign said “WvA location” so I’m guessing it’s the kids programme[url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbbc/shows/wizards-vs-aliens] Wizards vs Aliens[/url]. Anyway, these weren’t real stone plinths of course, just fake ones. Is it just me, or do they look a bit, well, phallic?

bye bye veedub

We are (probably) selling our VW California camper van. We’ve had it four years and it’s been great, but it’s a big 2nd vehicle and we just don’t use it for holidays the way we used to. I’ll miss it though.


In Bute Park they have erected this carved photo frame sculpture so you can look at the [url=http://www.walesdirectory.co.uk/tourist-attractions/Landmarks/Wales10018.htm]stone circle[/url] through it, and I expect take lots of photos like this. It’s a shame the effect is spoiled by the bright green rubbish bin. The stone circle dates all the way back to, erm, 1978.

Plant cell cake

For daughter’s homework she had to make a representation of a plant cell, so she baked this cake and we iced all the cell cross section on top. Yes, of course that’s vacuole, mitochondria, cell nucleus, chloroplasts, etc. Everyone has a plant cell cake don’t they?