Tate Liverpool

It is half term, but I am an external examiner at Liverpool University and had to come up for an award board tomorrow So, I brought my daughter with me, and we went around Albert Dock, including the Tate Liverpool, the Slave Museum and then a film at the Picturehouse.

Walnut Tree Viaduct

This is just outside my village. When I used to come and visit my wife’s family we would drive past it and I thought it had been erected especially to commemorate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. It was a rather odd tribute I thought. But later I discovered it was one of the old remaining uprights for the rather grand [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walnut_Tree_Viaduct]Walnut Tree Viaduct [/url]. This was built in 1901 to carry coal from Merthyr to Cardiff docks. In an act of historical vandalism the viaduct was destroyed in 1974.
There’s also an interesting story of the relevance of the monarchy here I think: Silver Jubilee, big effort made; Golden Jubilee, “ok, we’ll put up a token message”; Diamond Jubilee “Oh, you’re just taking the piss now”.

Golden Ale

It is Friday. I like a pale/golden ale, and this is Dorothy Goodbody’s Golden Ale, with it’s erm, rather old fashioned sexist label. It’s from [url=http://www.wyevalleybrewery.co.uk/brewery/index.html#.UwejK0J_ufQ]Wye Valley brewery[/url], which proclaims “Goodbody by name and good body by nature”. They do jolly nice beers though.