Grey life

The Clash sang how they were bored with the USA. I am getting very bored with the CONTINUAL rain in the UK. It’s been going on for 2 months now, just about every day, heavy storms, high winds, and miserable, unending rain. Even for an Englishman this is too much of the stuff.

Let’s call it a comeback

Went to see the Cardiff Devils against the Nottingham Panthers tonight. We gave away three poor goals, and then fought back, scoring with 5 minutes to go and then equalising with a minute left on the clock. We then scored the sudden death goal in overtime, and everyone went a bit potty. Well played lads.

Just like the 70s…

We had a few short power cuts last night, and then at 9.30 this morning it all went out. Didn’t come back on until 3 this afternoon, meaning that a) I had to the gym to work (in the cafe, may have sneaked in a run) and b) when at home I had to make tea by boiling a pan of water. Can you imagine the depravation? It reminded me of the regular power cuts we used to have in the 70s when we always had a stack of candles under the sink. I thought that was normal then, but today reminded me of how rare they are now.


I went out for a run today and took my phone with me. It was in a case, inside a plastic bag, inside a waterproof coat, but such is the extent of the rain in the UK that even this was inadequate protection. It got wet and died. Much panic, but I have read online that putting it in a tub of rice, which acts as a desiccant, for 48 hours can fix it. Others have reported jumping in swimming pools with their phones and reviving it after the rice trick, so fingers crossed.

Norman church

This is the 15th century [url=]church in St Breward[/url]. “The highest church in Cornwall”, ok get over it!
I made it B&W so you could get a feel for the isolation, windsweptness of it all around here. I have made good progress on my writing – 3 chapters in a week. But I think I may have gone a little stir crazy.