Here my father-in-law finishes the Lakeland 50 with my wife finishing the Lakeland 100 together. My daughter is running in alongside them. It definitely isn’t sunny now, and had been raining heavily for the last 10 hours. Sarah’s finishing time for 107 miles and 22,500 ft of ascent was 36 hours 54 mins (she is running to come in under the 37 hour mark)

They’re off!

The Lakeland100 entrants set off at 6pm from Coniston. Most of them will be out for 2 nights. Note how sunny it is. It was not to remain that way. Sarah, my wife, is in that pack somewhere, although not being caught up in all the macho bravado that has people sprinting out of town. It’s a long way to go still.

Behind the coconut shy

We are up in the lake district for a few days (my wife is doing the Lakeland 100). Today we went to the Ambleside sports day, which was a proper old fashioned country sports fair, with bike races, wrestling, mountain fell race. And a beer tent.