Just like Canada

Snowy day, we went for a walk in the fabulous Cwmcarn forest (if you’re into mountain biking you’ll live it). Fed up with winter though – I was scheduled to do a half marathon tomorrow but it was cancelled because of the snow.

New pod

I was staying on a campsite last night when this pod was delivered. I got stuck in mud in the van and wheels were spinning and I was sinking deeper. These guys then towed me out after they’d delivered this without fuss & with good humour. Thanks chaps.

Kettle wars, day #93

So I’ve blipped before that we have a zip tap, which breaks down, is fixed, lasts for a day, breaks down again. This has been replaced by a kettle recently. Last week a solution was sought, whereby a boiler was suggested. There is nowhere to site this so the joiner has produced this mock-up. Someone suggested having two kettles, but this was apparently deemed unthinkable. So now we have a non-working zip tap, a kettle and a pretend boiler.
Who knew boiling water was so problematic?