Went for a 17 mile run up to around [url=]Eglwysilan[/url] today. It was chilly, but a lovely clear day, you could see down to the coast and up to the Beacons. My wife is a good navigator, so discovers all these runs and then puts them on a GPS device for the navigationally challenged such as me.

Talybont trial

I did the Talybont 10 miler today with my daughter. It was misty as we set off, but cleared away for a lovely day. Was a small event, very friendly organisers. We only saw one other competitor out on the course, and were the second people home. Daughter was fine at the end, no complaints, I think she could have carried on for a few miles more.

Goodbye cruel world

A message from the camera: This is the last day of my master’s 365 project. This is the second one he has done, but the first with me. Over the past year we have laughed, cried and sworn together. I have captured every sunset he could see, any vaguely interesting object in his office, every plant on the dog walk. But now, he says, the year is over and he will not continue. I am abandoned, bereft, no longer loved.
Goodbye cruel world, I go to a dark drawer only to see the light again at Christmas and birthdays.

An ideal gift

I met a visitor from Finland yesterday, and by way of thankyou she gave me this Moomin mug. This is an ideal gift for me – I love mugs and I also have fond memories of [url=]Moomins[/url]. So, basically, if you want me to do anything, just offer me a cool mug. Or beer. Or wine. Maybe biscuits.

Research environments

I work in educational technology – like many computer based subjects, this is a poor topic for research environment – it’s basically sitting at your desk. Marine biology, where you _have_ to fly to Barbados or the Great Barrier Reef, that’s a good subject. Volcanology also has an inherently interesting research environment (“I’m off to Hawaii again!”). But failing these more exotic subjects, this acoustic research group have this “Noise Barrier Test Facility” at the OU, which appeals to me. It’s rather like the research equivalent of a shed. I could imagine going off to it on a damp afternoon and having a cup of tea, listen to the radio and a snooze. And doing important research, of course.