None shall pass

On a run this morning my path was blocked by these cows. A runner was killed by cows near us a couple of years ago, and my wife has been chased by them, so they’re not all comedy adverts you know. I approached them slowly with hands raised and they reluctantly moved out of the way.

I’m not doing this

My wife and daughter entered me for the ballot for the London Marathon. They ask you to make the entry fee a donation even if you don’t get chosen. Today the results were announced, and, surprise, I’m not in. Not too bothered, as I’m training for the Lakeland 50 and I’m not someone who feels the London Marathon is some pinnacle of a running career (I actually think it’d be a pain to do). But they do send you this nice jacket in return for your donation – the problem is, when could I ever wear it? “Oh you did the London Marathon, how was it?” “No, I just bought a jacket”.

New forest half marathon bling

Did the New Forest Half Marathon today – hadn’t trained specifically for it, I’ve been doing more trail runs recently. I had a vague hope that those trails runs would translate into a blistering road race performance, but alas, no. It was horrible, driving icy rain as we trudged around the moors in the New Forest, and by about mile 8 I knew a PB wasn’t on the cards and lost the will to carry on. So I trudged home in a disappointing 1hr 55.