The lesser spotted fail whale

Ah, my old friend, the fail whale. For those of us who have been on twitter for 5 years or more, we recall nostalgically the great Fail Whale days of 2008, when they were re-engineering their system. Then it was more prevalent than the actual functioning site. Now it is such an integral part of society, they couldn’t get away with it, people would start suing them for loss of an essential service. So, I guess it was Olympics overheating or something, but I had a ‘hello old friend’ moment when I saw it yesterday.
Yes, I know it’s not a very good photo for my 300th blip, but in that it is a bit crap, rushed and lacking artistic merit, I think it is quite appropriate.

Coniston water

Update on yesterday – the one thing my wife didn’t account for was injury, and her knee twisted and swelled up, causing her to pull out at mile 59. She is gutted after all that training, and with no injuries leading up to it.

Start of the Lakeland 100

The []Lakeland 100[/url] started at 5.30 this evening and competitors have 40 hours to cover the 100 miles and 22,000 foot of ascent. They look like they’re going a bit fast given what lays ahead. My wife was one of the 261 starters, she has been preparing all year, and has done well in two 50 miles races and one 60 miler.


My parents wanted a pic of my daughter so I printed this one up on canvas for them. Here the subject holds aloft the artefact. I could make a recursive picture of this.

The working life

When I did my degree back in the late 80s, we still used to hand in handwritten assignments. No-one would do that now. It is still amazing to think how completely our working lives have been transformed by computers. Now, most of us spend most of our day in front of one. It doesn’t make for very interesting photography.