Basins of Mars

Went for a very pleasant run round Caerphilly Mountain in the sunshine. There is an empty quarry which looks very much like it would feature in an episode of Doctor Who as some alien planet. And then they’d add some colour tinge to it, just so you know it’s not earth. So this is my bid as a locations finder.

Marketing a masterpiece

I was in Amsterdam today, for a board of examiners tomorrow. I had a spare couple of hours, so I went to the Rijksmuseum, and took in some Rembrandts and Vermeers. In the gift shop they had every conceivable piece of merchandising – mugs, puzzles, fridge magnets, bookmarks, rubiks cubes, and this Nightwatch umbrella. I mean, really?


These blue tits were nesting in this post. Feeding chicks is a non-stop business, I watched two of them fly in and out continually for about five minutes. I managed to catch this one on exit, by having the camera on sports mode and taking about 100 photos. Even then, he was gone in the next photo, they’re so fast. I wonder if anyone thought I was odd, standing there photographing an old post on sports mode…