File under ‘gross’

Toes are funny things aren’t they? You can take a picture of your fingers and that’s fine, but toes are just ugly and weird. Well, mine anyway. I am a bit squeamish about toenails, and my wife has lost many of hers through running. My big toenail looks to be going this way, it’s been blackened for a while now, caused by blood blisters under the nail from running I think.
Anyway, I’m sure you all wanted to see this.
PS – hope you weren’t eating


My wife is an ultra runner and I’m a plodder, so in our schedules it’s good to do some cross-training. To this end we cancelled the gym membership and bought a Keiser spin bike, which arrived today. It’s very good, had an hour long session on it. And before anyone says ‘get out there’ – we do get out there a lot, but sometimes eg when you’re looking after a child, or can’t be arsed to face the rain, being able to do something indoors is just what you need.

Edukashun is broken

I wrote a blog post recently bemoaning the [url=]rhetoric of ‘education is broken'[/url]. What this usually means is someone is trying to sell you their particular fix. And then, almost to prove my point, David Kernohan pointed me at this site which is asking people to take a photo saying “Education is broken. Someone should do something”. That someone being them of course. So, this is my pastiche on that.

Holding back the water

I did a 17 mile run today by repeating a 3 mile loop round by the canal and up the Taff trail. It was actually quite a pleasant way to do it, breaking it down into manageable chunks, and it’s a nice route. The canal is no longer used as is now a nature preserve (it’s where that blasted heron from yesterday likes to hang out). This is an old lock, that I guess has been holding that water back for years, but is never filled.