Through the old window

We walked up to Caerphilly Common today, weather was lovely, and it’s a nice 4 mile trek through the forest, with the promise of a bacon sarnie at the cafe when you get there. There is a crumbling old farmhouse along the route, this was through one of the old windows.

Melingriffith and Pentyrch Tramway

This sign, hidden amongst the brambles on the Taff trail is all that remains of a tramway that apparently used to run along the Taff. [url=]This account[/url] says that ” In 1815 the “Tub” boats were discontinued and a tramway constructed from Pentyrch along the West bank of the Taff to a new bridge at Gelynis Farm then it followed the East bank to the Melingriffith Works.”

British Library

I gave the keynote at today’s [url=]Digital Researcher[/url] event at the British Library. It was a very good event, lots of engagement, well organised by the library and Vitae. We even trended (the [url=]#dr12vitae tag[/url]) worldwide on Twitter