Stuffed crust

I took my daughter and her friend to the swimming pool and then to pizza hut. This is a stuffed crust pizza. It looks disgusting, and is in fact, disgusting. Pizza is a meal that always seems like a good idea and nearly always disappoints.

View from a train

A lazy blip today – was coming back from Liverpool after an external examiner’s meeting. This is the view coming into North Wales. It’s quite a nice train ride back from Liverpool to Cardiff, stopping at smallish places along the border and then into Wales.

Mars explorer

Not a great photo today, I was in meetings all day, and I took my good camera with me only to find I hadn’t put the battery back in. So this is an iPhone shot.
I gave a workshop to the Science Faculty today, and in the entrance to the Robert Hooke building is this machine in a glass cage. I got rushed in and didn’t have time to read up on it, and of course, can’t find anything on the OU website. I think it’s a mock up of a mars explorer, which the [url=]OU team [/url]have had a lot of involvement with.
I wish I’d stayed a pure scientist sometimes – space exploration, vulcanology, big bang – these strike me as proper subjects, not digital scholarship, VLEs and networks.