I shouldn’t be here

Today I was supposed to meet a chap from Finland and another from Nottingham in Bristol Parkway station to discuss an EU research bid. I decided to take the train, although it’s only 45 mins by car. The train got as far as the Severn Tunnel, which was closed. We then diverted to Gloucester. After waiting around for a bit I was told I would need to continue on to Swindon and then get a train back to Bristol. By this time I would have missed my two hour slot with the EU team, so I turned around and came home again. A completely wasted day. Still, this is Gloucester station.

An energy temple

Rather belatedly in life I realised that _everything_ is about energy (in the physics sense, not the mystical sense). Society, food, evolution – it all comes down to the transmission of energy. Jared Diamond is very good on how the move to farming freed up time to start developing specialist roles such as priests and soldiers. Everything we have in society follows from that. And that was all about getting energy more efficiently. So although we often bemoan electricity pylons for messing up the landscape and as representative of our desire for power that is driving global warming, perhaps we should also see them as symbols of this endless struggle to gain energy.
And kinda pretty from a certain angle too.


Venetian blind effects always remind me of those great noir films.Of course for the full effect there should be smoke curling across them. And maybe a gun and a blonde. But here, just the blinds.

Garth Hill

Taken while out on a run today (have bought an Olympus Tough for taking pics while running). This is [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garth_Hill]Garth Hill,[/url] or Garth Mountain or Ffynnon Garw. It is the inspiration for the fictional story in the Hugh Grant film, The Englishman who Went up a Hill.

Finisher (at least)

Apologies for a) back blipping and b) marathon related blips. Back to normal after this. As I said yesterday, was a bit disappointed I’d struggled at 4.5 hrs around the marathon, but as my wife pointed out the t-shirt doesn’t say ‘Finisher in a rubbish time’, it just says ‘Finisher’. I guess, finishing is good enough sometimes