The Heart of a Dog

Laurie Anderson’s musings on poetry, politics, death and zen buddhism are woven together by reflections on her dog, Lola. I know how that sounds – self indulgent, rambling and oh so Californian. But it all kind of hangs together, with Anderson’s lilting, soothing voice and sketches floating over you until you think, “yeah, I could do yoga daily on the beach”.

I’m a hardcore atheist so Buddhist teachings are not my thing, but I found myself writing down many of her phrases. And maybe crying a bit:

“Animals are like people. They approach death and then back away. And you don’t have the right to take that process away from them”.
“We had learned to love Lola as she had loved us, with a tenderness we didn’t know we had”
“You get your story and you hold on to it, and every time you tell it you forget it more”

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