Deadpool 2

The first Deadpool marked my conversion to comic book movies. If not quite a road to Damascus moment, it was more of a motorway to Blackpool epiphany, but the meta jokes, bawdy humour and ironic winks were enough to indicate there was more to the genre than tedious CGI fights. I finished my review of that movie stating “I’m not sure it’d last to a Deadpool 2 though”. So, like a fool I now have to follow up on my own prediction.

For the first half hour or so, I felt that judgement was about right. Whereas the opening sequence of Deadpool caused multiple jolts in your frame of reference for such movies, this one has a few chuckles, but can never recapture that frisson. I began to feel like you do about anti-comedy, once the initial clever commentary on what it is reacting against has worn off, it needs to be something of its own. By defining itself by what it isn’t the possibilities soon run out. It is with the arrival of Brolin’s Cable character and the subsequent recruitment of the Avengers style team X force that the film gains some identity. Deadpool 2 keeps enough elements of the genre it is mocking – so we do kind of care about the outcome, and the fight scenes are just about engaging and cool enough. This provides a stratum for the better executed comedy scenes – “Winnie the Pooh”, the parachute arrival of X Force and the final battle scene – to be implemented.

Deadpool 2 is in many ways a victim of the success of the genre bending of Deadpool 1. Now we know there are no rules. It has enough genuine laugh out loud moments and some crackling dialogue to be worth the viewing, even if, inevitably, it never quite recaptures the buzz of the first movie. I’m not sure it’d survive to Deadpool 3 though…

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